Saving energy:

As water, gasoline, diesel, fuel, natural gas, widely hydrocarbon, are sensitive to the magnetic fields. Hydrocarbon consist, according their nature, with methane, hydrogen and carbon. The combustion occures only with an oxygen input.


But, the molecular geometric structure Hydrogen - Carbon is not well organised when it is setting on flame. Oxygen can not well reach the heart of the molecular structure, generating a combustion loss. All of molecule are not full burned.


AdMec magnetic products, precisely, order the right geometric structure before molecules burning. This magnetic effect maximize the burning and reduce hydrocarbon consumption. That means saving.


Ecological benefit:


Reordering the burning molecules gets also an ecological benefit. Actually, with the geometric reordering, molecules burn much better, reducing the carbon particles emission.

Easy ton install & maintain:

AdMec's product are easy to set. They need neither any plumbing, nor intervention on the existing equipments, as weld.

According your need, our technical design office, help you on the setting design.

Finally, our products no need any maintenancy. 


Product samples:

End-user samples:

  • Individual boiler, gaz, fuel,
  • Industrial boiler, steam, hot water, 
  • Comunity unit heating,
  • Any dryer type,
  • Industrial furnace...

They already exploit:

  • Siemens,
  • Brasseries Heineken,
  • 3M,
  • Carrefour,
  • Cartonnerie Oudin,
  • City of Tours hospital (France) ,
  • Krono France,
  • International Paper France,
  • Fonderies Messier,
  • Ford,
  • Dalkia,
  • Babcok Wanson,