Key issues on the improvement of the filtration motor oil:



Engines manufacturers themselves, explain that the motor oil never degrades but always contaminates. The lubricant actually loads residues of burning and mechanics items friction production. The usual oil filters, with wide net media, achieve partially the motor oil cleaning. This why we must drain the oil sumps. According the manufacturers, an oil slowly and finely filtered, will preserve its original qualities.

To answer the point, AdMec provides a slow and continuous oil engine micro-filtration system, using a reinforced fine filtering media, as described by the manufacturers. The cumulative effect allows catching more particles and smaller (till 1 micron). So, the oil becomes really « longlife ». You space out the engine oil drain intervals, you reduce considerably the oil draining volume. 


You make savings, and take benefit of a free ecology.

For further, one oil liter is sufficient to pollute a tennis courtyard water surface.

Large oil draining cut :

Cost and volume savings: (1 liter (L) = 0,264 gallon)


  • Oil sump up to 12 L :
    • Reduce drain from 12 to less than 1 L.
  • Oil sump from 13 to 30 L :
    • Reduce drain from 13/30 L to about 1 L.
  • Oil sump more than 31 L :
    • Reduce drain to less than 2 L.

For a hundred lorry truck fleet, 33 liters oil sumps, 120.000 kilometres/year: 

  • Annual spending budget is reduced by 2/3 (e.g.: from 60.000€ HT (67.800$) to 20.000€ HT (22.600$)). The customer takes also benefit of a saving of about 10% on diesel consumption. The US independent laboratory Noria, specialised on lubricant analysis, certifies a well and finely filtered motor oil, reduces gasoline/diesel consumption and provides a much better protection for the engine.


About our oil recycler offer and main technical benefits :


Reliable: certified by the TÜV, internationally recognized agency. The Certification : particles contained in the engine oil are eliminated up to one micron. Corrosives particles are neutralized to the benefit of carbon particles which reduce the mechanic friction and the wear of mechanic items. The Water is also eliminated, avoiding oil acidification (TBN) and items oxidation. The oil is never chemically modified. Finaly, the Oil viscosity remains constant (IR spectrum).


Universal: valid for any oil engine. It concerns all of rolling and floating machines/vehicles, “fixed set engine”. This ends the puzzle / « headache » of the oil filters storage references management.


Easy and no risky: our products are shunted bypass on oil engine track. They support a constant pressure of 20 bars. At the draining intervals, maintenance’s in about 5-10 minutes, no more, is limited, to replacement of the oil media (0,4 / 0,8 / 1,2 liter, according the oil sump), and to check the oil level. Is the oil sump’s draining really necessary ? : the oil always degrades because of the poor state of the motor (not the opposite. Quality of the oil is one of the reference of a motor’s condition). Example: cooling liquid inside the oil. It is necessary to fix first the engine, before draining the oil sump.


Recycler set and main features:


Products include an aluminium recycler, not disposable but always transferable from a motor to another one. One filtering media plugged inside the recycler 0,4L / 0,8L / 1,2L, hoses and fastening pipes. Moreover, recycler is equipped with small wings to increase the lubricant cooling.

End-user samples:


They already exploit:

  • Zeppelin CAT
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
  • ALDI
  • Aldi Marché
  • Mössingen
  • Wertheim
  • Tiefbau
  • Galapagos Islands...

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